Understandably, patients requiring orthopaedic care and surgery are very concerned about the availability of treatment at this time.

To continue to provide an excellent service for patients with shoulder and knee problems, I am able to offer:

  1. Normal access to appointment bookings via my website or phone
  2. Ongoing face to face patient consultation in a safe environment
  3. Bulk billed Telehealth services for all metropolitan and rural patients.
  4. Telehealth case conferencing for Workers’ Compensation patients.
  5. Pre-appointment investigations and online review of radiology results.
  6. Ongoing surgery theatre lists. 
  7. Expanded day surgery options, to avoid unnecessary hospital stays.
  8. No gap surgery for selected private patients, including private patients transferring from the public system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lee or Linda for more information.