More than ever, more importance is being placed on the health and mobility of joints. Essential for everyday functioning and our performance in sports and exercise, healthy and stable joints allow us to move with greater flexibility and freedom. Consequently, low-impact workouts and exercises are increasing in popularity. Minimising strain on knees, ankles, shoulders and hips, low-impact workouts allow you to build skill, fitness and coordination without damaging joints.

As an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Jens Buelow has seen a number of injuries and conditions caused by high-impact and intense workouts. From rigorous jumping to damaging movements, patients often present with injuries caused by high-impact activity. Low-impact workouts are particularly useful for patients recovering from arthroscopic surgery, knee arthritis and shoulder arthritis to prevent further damage while still working on health and fitness.



Swimming is a serious workout. From completing laps up and down the pool to simply spending time trying out new strokes and pool activities, swimming offers a full body workout that challenges the cardiovascular system as well as the muscles. Offering a natural form of resistance that requires muscles to work harder, swimming allows you to tone your full body while getting your heart rate up.



Incorporating a combination of strength, endurance and flexibility, yoga is a surprisingly challenging workout that tests the body. Not just about headstands and balances, yoga involves moving the body in precise and calculated ways to test and increase flexibility and strength. Yoga is a full body workout that raises your heart rate while also offering a variety of benefits for mental health and wellbeing.

With a wide range of yoga styles available, from restorative and gentle Yin yoga to more intensive Hatha practices, you’re bound to find a yoga style that works wonders for your body.



Renowned for building strong cores and creating lean and toned muscles, Pilates is a serious workout that can be completed both on the mat and on a specialised machine known as a reformer. Incorporating the practice of repeated movements that target both major muscle groups and small stabilising muscles, Pilates creates a slow and heavy burn that builds strength and mobility. Pilates puts minimal strain on joints and exercises can be modified to suit all abilities and fitness levels.


Rock Climbing

An adrenaline rush, rock climbing calls for slow, controlled and calculated movements that put minimal strain and pressure on joints. As you navigate unique routes and walls, your full body gets a workout with slow pulling and pushing movements required. Plus, you’ll forget that you’ve even had a workout until you feel the burn and pump afterwards.



Able to be completed both indoors and outdoors, cycling is a versatile exercise that builds muscle and increases cardiovascular health. Whether you choose to cycle around the neighbourhood or complete an RPM class in your local gym, cycling offers a low-impact workout that’s gentle on your joints.


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