Are you experiencing pain, discomfort or limited mobility from an injury or strain during sport or exercise? It could be time to consider surgery.

While surgery can seem like a daunting option, it can be one of the most effective methods to help you properly recover and get back to your game. As an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Jens Buelow brings a wealth of knowledge to knee and shoulder treatments. Providing patients with accurate diagnoses followed by tailored treatment strategies – including surgical solutions – you can minimise downtime.


Severe Pain

If you’ve suffered a sporting or exercise injury, you may be experiencing pain and discomfort. Pain is largely dependent on the individual and can drastically increase or decrease with seemingly little warning. If you’ve started to withdraw from work, hobbies or activities or find that your quality of life is impacted, it’s time to get help.

Pain levels that become bothersome, frustrating and unbearable indicate that professional treatment is required. A professional can thoroughly examine your injury and condition then provide tailored treatments and solutions to help minimise pain and allow you to move with greater comfort.


Restricted Mobility

Aside from pain and discomfort, injuries and damage to joints can cause varying degrees of restricted mobility. From noticeably poorer flexibility and range of motion to becoming completely immobile in some positions, restricted mobility is a sign of damage or injury that needs to be properly assessed.

If you’re unable to complete normal activities or exercise without experiencing tightness or stiffness in your joints and in particular positions, look into having your injury examined by an orthopaedic doctor. If left untreated – or treated poorly – mobility and motion can become even more restricted and uncomfortable.


Lack of Progress with Standard Treatment

After a sporting injury, it’s important to seek proper help. On an individual level, resting or gentle stretching may help to maintain mobility and decrease pain. Many individuals seek the help of physiotherapists, myotherapists and other professional practitioners after suffering from a sporting injury or incurring damage to joints during sports. While treatment plans and strategies can be extremely effective in some cases, others may find that they aren’t producing long-term or desirable results.

If you’ve been undergoing treatment with a health practitioner but aren’t achieving the kind of results and progress that you’re looking for, you could be a good contender for surgery. An orthopaedic doctor will be able to provide you with personalised advice and information on surgical treatment options and what could work best for your particular condition.


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