If you’ve been suffering from shoulder joint pain or limited mobility, you may be considering a shoulder arthroscopy. Whether to treat an existing condition or to diagnose pain, discomfort or restricted mobility, shoulder surgery can help you gain a deeper insight into how to properly treat and heal shoulder damage and injuries.

As an experienced shoulder specialist in Perth, Dr Jens Buelow leads shoulder arthroscopies with expertise. Helping patients of all ages understand conditions and injuries, Dr Jens Buelow aims to reduce pain and stiffness in the long-term to increase quality of life.

Find out more about shoulder arthroscopies and recoveries.


When is Shoulder Surgery Required?

Shoulder surgery may be suggested by your doctor or health practitioner as a solution or  treatment of a condition and may also be helpful in finding the correct diagnosis for a number of different conditions and injuries. The most common conditions are:



Before you undergo a shoulder arthroscopy, you’ll begin by having a comprehensive consultation with your surgeon beforehand. During your consultation, you’ll cover your injury or condition history as well as any other medical concerns that your surgeon needs to be aware of. You’ll also be encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification to ensure that you’re feeling comfortable and confident.

A shoulder arthroscopy can be used to successfully treat a number of conditions including cartilage damage and osteoarthritis, AC joint Arthritis, Bursitis ,  Rotator Cuff tears and shoulder instability (labral tears)



After your surgery, your arm may be in a sling or may be supported by bandages. This will allow your shoulder to properly rest in a comfortable position. Some swelling, discomfort and pain  can be expected , but this is usually successfully treated with simple analgesics and Anti-inflammatories.

Depending on the demands of your occupation, you may be able to return to work after a week. Your surgeon will provide comprehensive aftercare solutions for a smooth and quick recovery. You may need rehabilitation or physical therapy to properly strengthen the joint and muscles.


Chat with a Shoulder Specialist in Perth

If you’re considering shoulder surgery, talk to a shoulder specialist in Perth. Working with patients of all ages, Dr Jens Buelow provides rewarding shoulder surgery solutions and treatments to minimise pain and maximise mobility. Whether from sports injuries or long-term conditions, get accurate advice and support from an experienced surgeon.

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