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Who Needs A Knee Arthroscopy?

If you’re experiencing knee pain due to stress on the joint or an injury, your doctor may recommend a knee arthroscopy. You may have already been diagnosed with a condition or you may need an arthroscopy to aid in reaching a diagnosis. With a knee arthroscopy, you’re able to gain a thorough understanding of the cause of knee pain – allowing your doctor to properly treat the problem.

Before you undergo surgery, you’ll meet with a surgeon who will take a full history of your condition as well as anything else that may impact surgical techniques and strategies. Your surgeon will then configure a plan to ensure that you get the most out of the procedure.



A knee arthroscopy is typically performed under a general anaesthesia as a day procedure. Incisions are made on the outside of the knee to allow the arthroscope and additional instruments to access the joint safely. During an arthroscopy, your surgeon will comprehensively assess your injury, condition, cause and possible treatments to allow your knee to recovery properly. As your surgery concludes, small sutures can be used to close wounds. These sutures generally heal within a week.



Unlike more intensive surgeries, you’re able to return home on the same day as your surgery. An ice pack and dressing are often required to ease swelling and discomfort. During your first day of recovery, it’s recommended that you have someone to help you as you will need to keep your leg elevated and rested. Your surgeon will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions to ensure that you recover comfortably and with minimal complications.

To aid in your long-term recovery, you’ll be given a set of exercises to complete regularly or may be scheduled to work with a physical therapist. Appropriate exercises and movements will help to restore your full range of motion and strengthen muscles.


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